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“You can’t give away what you don’t Own”


Are you Investing in Yourself?

The most important investment you will ever make is in yourself. That investment will determine the return that you get from your life.

Reasons people don’t invest in themselves:

Your self-image, you have low self-esteem and believe that you are not good enough and have given up on yourself. Feeling sorry for yourself.

You don’t have a Dream. You don’t know why you were born and are afraid to attempt to find out. It’s safer to do nothing.

You have someday sickness. You will start some day when the time is right.

Your too busy with no time for Personal Growth. You lack discipline and do not control your life or time.

You prefer to “TRY” giving you an out instead of “DO” where you take action!

Are you on a Leadership Journey?

If you have decided to begin the journey in developing Leadership skills, let me take time to congratulate you on one of the best choices that you have made in your life! Your choice in developing Leadership skill should be to add value to the lives of other people! The only way you can add value is to give something that makes that person more valuable. Remember – “You can’t give away anything that you don’t own!”. That being the case Personal Growth is the tool you will use to add more value to your life in order that you have the ability to then give it away. This journey needs to help you to learn to “Live Intentionally”. This journey should help you identify what your strengths and weakness are, discover what you “WHY” is, learn how to learn, desire to take Action. The Journey consists with:

            Learning to Lead Yourself

            Learning to Lead Others

            Learning to Lead Teams

Learning to Lead Organizations  


Do you have a plan for Personal Growth?

Plans are destinations that we want to go to. If we don’t have a destination, then any road will take us there! Never forget that you are taking this journey for yourself and no one else. It only works if it is what you have a passion for it. It will at times be very hard work and the self-awareness can be hurtful. Remember “You can’t change anything you are not aware of!”. I am certain that you will feel that it was all worth it. I have seen many people change their lives into the best versions of “Them” that they could be and seen them accomplish great feats!

The Process

I recommend you first develop a study habit of dedicating one hour a day for five consecutive days then take two days off. During those five days I recommend you obtain study resources to read or listen to depending on your learning preferences. For the first forty-five minutes read or listen (study) to a section of the material, stop and ask yourself “What did I just learn?” write what you learned into your Personal Growth journal. Continue the process till times up. For the last fifteen minutes’ review and reflect on what you learned. Ask yourself questions, what did I learn, how can I use it, where can I use it, who do you have to share it with? Reflection is a way to investigate your experience to maximize it.

My “WHY”

            To live intentionally

            To add value to People’s lives

What I’ve learned:

            You need to be able to lead yourself FIRST

            You can’t give away what you don’t own

            Which becomes the reason for Personal Growth