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Leadership is servant-hood. If you want to lead, you need to serve. Servant leadership should be a way of living. The essence of servant leadership is valuing people and adding value to their lives. If you value people, you want to serve. If you devalue people, you want to be served. Maturity is the ability to think of others first. Being a servant does not mean that you think less of yourself, it means you think about yourself less!

Leadership is a process of learning and practicing many skills. A typical leadership journey consists of the following learnings:

            Learning to “Lead Yourself”

            Learning to “Lead Others”

            Learning to “Lead Teams”

            Learning to “Lead Organizations”

In order to add value to the lives of others, you have to have Value to give away. Remember you can’t give away anything that you do not own! This is where Personal Growth gets involved. Once you make the decision to add value you need to keep making yourself more valuable to be able to be successful.

What I've Learned:

  • ·         Everything rises and falls on Leadership
  • ·         Leadership is Influence
  • ·         The only way you can Influence anyone is to "Get their Permission"
  • ·         The only way to get someone’s permission is to develop a Relationship with them
  • ·         The only way to develop a relationship with any one is to find "Common Ground" with them and expand on that
  • ·         The Hardest person for me to lead is "Myself"

It's all that simple - which is so complex.

Anything in life that has Value - Has a Paradox associated with it!