Laws Image

Law #1 – Never Trust anyone until they give you a reason to do so.

Law #2 – Never be unreachable!

Law #3 – Situational Awareness – Always be completely aware of your surroundings!

Law #4The Law of One - No Matter how hard to attempt to recreate a great Experience in your life - You will FAIL

Law #5 - The Law of Two - Once you have decided how much time any project will take - Double IT; Once you have decided how much expense anything will take - Double IT

Law #6 - Do on to Others - As you would have - Done onto You!

Law #7 - Never Assume Anything - To Assume Makes an Ass Out Of You and Me 

Ass   U   Me 

Law #8 - The Law of Communication – Successful communication only happens when the receiver understands the meaning of what you are saying.

Law #9 - The Law of Perception – Things may not be what they look like!

Law #10 - Everything evolves around Relationships


Law #11 – Pay Yourself FIRST – Schedule time to Reflect; Make sure you automatically invest money every month.


Law #12 – The Law of the Dragons – No one escapes childhood without injury. Our Dragons are the only thing that we own 100% free and clear! Although we may never rid ourselves of them we can learn to control them!


Law #13 – The Law of Growth – If you change Nothing – Nothing will Change. Growth does not happen in a day, it happens day by day. When you stop Growing you stop Living! 


Law #14 – Never be Satisfied with the Status Quo!


Law #15 – The Law of Integrity -  Integrity is doing the Right thing, even when No one is watching!


Law #16 – Always listen to your Heart.




Law #17 – Always follow your Gut!

Law #18 – If you want to Change the World, start by adding Value to the lives of Other People, and start a Revolution!

Law #19 – Shit is a sanctioned word!

Law #20 – Crying, is when you need to purge your soul of all the bad shit you have accumulated!

Law #21 – Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership.

Law # 22 – The Hardest person to Lead, is Yourself!

Law # 23 – Be true to yourself – you have to look in the mirror!

Law # 24 – Support those that are Fragile, and provide a Safety net for them!

Law # 25 – Don’t waste Good.

Law #26 – Sometimes you’re wrong.

Law #27 – Never date a co-worker!

Law #28 – Always be prepared.

Law #29 - Stand up for yourself.

Law #30 – Always work as a Team.

Law #31 – Never take anything for Granted!

Law #32 – If you feel like you are being played, You are.

Law #33 – The only predictor of future behavior, is past behavior! It takes a life altering event for people to change.